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AC Gear Motor
AC Gear Motor

AC Gear Motor

Model: YN70-30

Description of AC Gear Motor YN70-30:
Now, our AC Gear Motor YN70-30 is among the most advanced low-speed electric motors in the world. This AC Gear Motor can achieve the required output through adopting AC single-phase capacitor run motor and matching with a suitable gear speed reducer. According to the functions of AC Gear Motor, this electric motor can be divided into YY type induced motor and YN type reversible motor. Both of them can have the speed control function of stepless change. Some electric motors also can be completed with a minitype electromagnetic brake.

Feature of AC Gear Motor YN70-30:
This AC Gear Motor is used as the drive element for low-speed transmission gear, which can simplify mechanical configuration and reduce the power consumption.

Application of AC Gear Motor YN70-30:
YY type induced motor is suitable for those working occasions of unidirectional interrupted run, such as pipelining, automatic machine tools, printing machinery etc.
YN reversible motor is suitable for those working occasions of frequent startup or reversible operations, such as automatic vending machines, voltage regulators, electric lift, and electric actuators etc. It also can be used as a packaging machinery motor.

Technical specification of AC Gear Motor YN70-30:
Motor/ Reducer model General technical condition Service condition Storage environment condition
YY 100 - 4 G F/ 70 J B 100 G 10 a. Normal insulation resistance 100MΩ
b. Dielectric strength:AC180V 1s c. Temperature rise: ≤75K
d. Noise: ≤55dB
a. Altitude: ≤2500 m
b. Ambient temperature: -20℃~60℃;
c. Relative humidity:<90%
a. Air temperature -5~+35%dC b. Relative humidity <70%
c. Well ventilation, away from corrosive gas

  NO. of
Model Power
torque mN.m
torque mN.m
speed r/min
4 YN70-30 30 110 50 0.90 300 220 1300 14/250
YN70-30 30 220 50 0.45 300 220 1300 3.5/500
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