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PMDC Motor
PMDC Motor

PMDC Motor (Household Electrical Appliances Motor)


Description of PMDC Motor 85ZY/JB:
The built-in rectifier of this electric motor can connect AC 220V power, so it is very easy to use.

Feature of PMDC Motor 85ZY/JB:
This PMDC Motor conveys high efficiency, low noise, high-quality and anti-abrasive brush and long service time, with outside brush rocker structure.

Application of PMDC Motor 85ZY/JB:
This PMDC Motor is widely used in household electrical appliances and intensive support etc.

Technical specification of PMDC Motor 85ZY/JB:

Model Rated voltage V No-load speed r/min Rated current A Rated torque mN.m Rated speed r/min Rated power W
85ZY24-80 24 3900 4.2 430 3500 80
85ZY24-140 24 2500 8.5 720 1800 140
85ZY24-150 24 4500 8.7 360 4000 150
85ZY220-80 220 4300 1.2 220 3700 80

Power range: 60W ~ 200W, Speed range: 2000RPM ~ 5000RPM
85ZY/90JB ratio speed: 1/3 ~ 1/180 85ZY/96JB ratio speed: 1/3 ~ 1/120 85ZY/106JB ratio speed: 1/10 ~ 1/80

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